Is your insurance up to date?

We like to see that our clients’ policies remain up to date with the market and advancements in medical technology. We had a client who didn’t have either the time or the inclination to take up our offer to review their situation. They had an old, outdated policy. Unfortunately when he made a claim, the old policy definition didn’t meet the requirements for a claim payment whereas the current one would. The most expensive insurance policy is not the one with the highest premium rather it is the one that does not pay at claim time, when you need it most.

Are your insurance policies up to date?

Supporting you

At Halstead Financial Services, we have robust systems and training protocols in place for security and privacy. So that we can give you our best, we ensure that our support staff are adequately trained to high levels. At Halstead Financial Services we build and guide our team with the right value systems and the right training. Our team is the extension to our family. Your Financial Advisers are qualified professionals, supported by Affinia’s in-house resources and ongoing technical, systems and product training. They are committed to understanding your needs and identifying strategies and products to help you achieve your goals. Your financial adviser can help assess your circumstances and calculate the appropriate level of cover to protect you and your family. We can help document and develop a comprehensive risk management plan which will record how much is enough to keep you and your family’s lifestyle, dreams and future financially secure.